I am 58 years old and consider my health is good but the area I noticed a marked improvement was in my libido. This was noticed by my wife and myself and we feel that the clock has been turned back at least five years". Michael


  • Change of Life - find your way with His Wild Yam Cream
    Revisiting your youth?
There are many chapters in our masculine book of life, from infant to teenager with hormone related pimples to manhood, followed generally with greying hair and fading eyesight and potentially ending in a 'Change of life crisis', then onto maturity when systems commence running down.
These chapters bring about many changes in our size, shape, and performance.
By the time we reach manhood our body will most likely be at its peak, as we bridge the gap into maturity things can get a little wobbly, particularly if we seek to revisit our youth, a syndrome where little red sports cars or motor cycles are likely to appear!
Then we finally accept our declining functions including the loss of energy and libido.
It is around this time that we also sense a change in our ability to function as we have been used to, such as our ability to remain focused, finally mobility and we have then to accept the stature of 'Maturity'.
While the above changes have all been externally obvious, many of the changes within have been caused by hormonal shifts, by environmental pollutants involving xeno Oestrogens, others by drugs and poor nutrition, all contributing to throwing our body out of balance.
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Why not sail into maturity in a dignified and Balanced fashion
with all of your marbles in the bag?