I noticed initially that my moods changed in a way that I didn't have the blues like I have been having for a long time". Alan


HIS WYC is essentially a Nutritional Supplement applied topically

The active ingredients are then absorbed through the skin where they are either stored in our fatty tissues, our natural storage system for later use, or accessed directly for lipid pathway processing.
Dosage: 1/4 of a 2.5gm teaspoon twice per day (As a guide for you to see how little this is, fill a teaspoon, the standard Australian model, with cream then level it with a knife and divide the remaining cream in the teaspoon into four equal parts). Then apply one quarter am and pm. The above division amounts to a modest dab on your finger tip. Too much is a waste, and too little will take longer to feel the results.
Application: We recommend the above dosage for the first three months, and can be applied to the thinner skinned areas of your arms, thighs, or stomach, you may choose a different location each application, massaging gently into the skin until all traces disappear.
PS: The writer uses it most successfully on my arms only, alternating each arm from day to day. After the first three months you should then be enjoying the many subtle benefits of the cream.
The best guide we can suggest is from then on is that the correct amount to use is the amount that works for you, and that may vary from time to time. If you experience emotional or physical stress, it is sensible to increase your dosage until you are back in your comfort zone!
For the Clean Shaven: When shaving the cream has excellent moisturising qualities and can be used as an after shave cream on your face and neck - Taking precautions to keep clear of your eyes.

Remember: Too much is a waste, and too little will take longer for you to feel the benefits.