My energy levels during the day increased. I feel like I am concentrating and focusing better at work and getting more done". Craig



There are many reasons, including the effects of environmental pollutants known as Endocrine Disruptors which mimic female oestrogens, found in most plastics including drink containers, chemicals, food preservatives, personal care items, formaldehyde, fertilisers, insecticides, and fire retardants, as used in everyday living and hard to avoid.
The many 'feminising' effects of mimic oestrogens can manifest in erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, low sperm counts, and the embarrassing development of feminine like physical features commonly referred to as 'Man Boobs', and expanding waistlines.
Plus the effects of low level Testosterone on men which has long been recorded well before the advent of environmental pollution. In 1944 researchers Heller and Myers identified symptoms they labelled the "Male Climatic" including loss of libido and potency, nervousness, depression, impaired memory, the inability to concentrate, fatigue, insomnia, hot flushes and sweating.
These are amazingly similar symptoms to female Menopause, and this is not surprising as our Endocrine systems are all but identical, with parallel reproductive organs and hormones differing only by the mix determined by our genes - see Steroid Hormone Chart.
There is a growing acceptance that age related changes in the hormonal balance of men may manifest in a 'Midlife Crisis', which is now slowly being recognised as 'Andropause'. The definition of Andropause is currently not yet recognised by conventional medicine in Australia, while Europe has taken a cautious approach with the European Menopause and Andropause Society covering a variety of health disciplines, including Naturals.
Time magazine cover: Manopause
In America Time Magazine has coined the term 'Manopause', where they have focused on the use of synthesised Testosterone hormones to address the issues of the cumulative effects of both 'midlife crises' and the adverse effects of Male Oestrogen dominance.
Disregarding the FDA's Serious Health Warnings associated with their use
Andropause can be defined as a deficiency when the hormone Testosterone falls below the normal range for a male, caused by a hormonal shift resulting from age and or mimic oestrogens, plus diets and drugs designed to lower cholesterol, the precursor to the Adrenal Cortex hormones, which have the effect of depressing levels of all male (and Female) Adrenal Cortex hormones including Testosterone!
HIS WYC offers a potential solution with a specially developed formula to provide the nutrients for your Adrenal Cortex to maintain a healthy balance of natural hormone production within your body.
With a growing awareness and recognition of Andropause and its effects on their men, women having discovered the benefits of Anna's Wild Yam Cream as reflected in their 'Feedback' page on have been encouraging us to produce a cream for their men.
In response to numerous requests we have now launched HIS WYC. A quality Natural AUSTRALIAN product owned by Anna's Farm Pty Ltd, an Australian company established in 1997 Specialising in Feminine and Masculine Natural balancing Creams, with clients in over thirty countries Worldwide.
The Cream is produced in Australia by a TGA approved Laboratory.
HIS WYC is essentially a Nutritional Lipid Supplement applied topically.